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The Premium Prescription Orthotic Laboratory
Earthwalk has established itself as an industry leader for orthotic quality serving medical providers since 1995. We are an ABC accredited centralized fabrication facility and exclusively serve physicians and clinicians across the US (our products are never sold retail). Earthwalk prides itself on consistently providing our practitioners with exceptional product quality (customers dispensing Earthwalk’s orthotics average less than a 1% error rate), real-time personalized service and technical support, a quick turn around time (orders typically ship within 5-7 business days from order receipt) and highly innovative technologies. 
Pathology Driven
Earthwalk is a pathology-driven orthotic laboratory and offers its physicians numerous orthotic styles to satisfy a very wide range of pathologies. Addressing the patient’s deformity by adding the appropriate patho-mechanical properties to an orthotic style that suits your patient’s lifestyle and footwear will provide them with years of effective orthotic therapy.
Various Casting Types and Production Methods
Earthwalk welcomes all casting types (physical and digital casts) to make its premium quality orthotics and AFOs. Earthwalk designs orthotics using various cast-correction software programs and skilled lab technicians fabricate these devices a variety of ways: direct-mill, pressing from digitally created positives, and multi-layer build-up on plaster positives. This allows doctors to choose from a wide selection of devices to satisfy their patient’s needs.  
Innovative Technology
Earthwalk’s iPad Scanning app gives physicians the capability to generate digital models of a patient’s foot, ankle and calf using their iPad and a 3D scanner. Practitioners simply scan their patient’s foot/leg and/or the patient’s physical cast to create a digital cast, then submit that digital cast to Earthwalk to fabricate a prescription foot orthotic or AFO. This scanning technology helps practitioners eliminate shipping and physical casting costs while reducing the amount of time to physically cast the patient and the time it takes to ship the casts to the lab (digital orders are received instantly).  

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