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The UNIBALANCE, with its unibody construction, extrinsic beveled rearfoot post, and lightweight sleek design make it a superior functional orthotic.



Designed with a women’s high heel shoe in mind the WOMEN'S DRESS device has an hour-glass shape, elongated heel, and pitched in the rearfoot for heel height differential, providing the orthotic the right angle in relation to the shank of the shoe.​


cobra dress

Designed for the highest of high-heeled shoes, the COBRA DRESS, is a J-shaped orthotic that has the plastic removed in the central heel and lateral midfoot. This provides optimum fit for narrow and high-pitched high-heeled shoes.​

mens dress

men's dress

With a low-profile sleek design, the MEN’S DRESS orthotic fits into your dress shoe taking up minimum space while providing functional control.​

women's fashion

women's fashion

The WOMEN’S FASHION orthotic, a less exaggerated version of our Women’s Dress is a little wider and only a Semi-Elongated heel, this device provides functional support but also allowing the patient maximum shoe fit and function when switching between a variety of shoe gear.​



The EASYSTRIDER is a favorite among construction and factory workers, policeman and firefighters, chefs and waiters/waitresses, and doctors. This functional device incorporates shock absorption and bounce back materials with strong midfoot and rearfoot stabilization, making it ideal for people who stand on concrete for long periods of time.​


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Having a hard time fitting a corrective prescription orthotics into a variety of shoes or hard-to-fit athletic shoes? The answer to that question is here with the SLIMSPORT. With a moderately deep heel cup providing the right amount of control for active patients but a slim, intrinsic, lightweight design that allows the best fit into a variety of shoes.​



The ALLSPORT is a sport minded device designed for individuals to participate in a variety of recreational activity while receiving maximum shock absorption, control and correction in the rearfoot, thanks to the sport crepe extrinsic rearfoot post, giving patients outstanding point-of-impact stress dissipation.

pro athlete


The PROATHLETE is designed for the committed athlete, providing a massive amount of shock absorption incorporated into an incredibly lightweight, durable appliance. Used to manage biomechanical problems while minimizing stress that could further damage or exacerbate typical sports-related impairments.​

cross trainer


The CROSSTRAINER is a versatile device that appeals to people of all shapes, sizes, and pathologies. Whether running, working out in the gym, or are a patient that needs maximum arch support, this device provides athletes the support and shock absorption they seek and the correction and support for the everyday patient with midfoot collapse and arch pain. ​

runners advantage

runner's advantage

Committed runners put more wear and tear on their feet than the average person, so you need an orthotic that can not only hold up to the extra miles but also provide relief. The RUNNER’S ADVANTAGE will do just that. Extrinsically posted with crepe in the rearfoot for control and shock absorption, we also added a 3° extrinsic forefoot post to sulcus that will help reduce the amount of pressure placed on the 1st met head without losing durability. ​

Accommodative & Specialized

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For your patients who loved their old cork style orthotic but need a new more durable version we suggest our CORK orthotic. This direct-milled full length device is made with a 35 shore bio-cork to provide stability, support and comfort.​

dual density

dual density eva

A dual-layered accommodative device for patients seeking cushion and support. The DUAL DENSITY EVA has a bottom layer to provide additional cushion while the top layer provides stability around the heel cup as well as the medial and lateral columns.​



The STRATIFORM is a multi-layered accommodative device for your most at-risk patients. Several layers come together to provide support, offloading, and cushion in one device.​



With its lightweight semi-supportive polypropylene shell and soft diabetic friendly top cover and midfill the THERAFLEX is great choice for your sensitive patients. ​



With its lightweight EVA midfill and Semi- Flexible shell the EARTHWALKER supports and corrects the patients foot while also having a flexible enough shell to be accommodating to a patients foot, making this the perfect device for your active geriatric and is a bridge device between accommodative and functional.​

adult pttd

adult pttd

From midfoot control and support to the rearfoot control and correction the ADULT PTTD device is your best foot orthotic choice to correct your Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunctional patients or patients needing maximum arch support. With a deep heel cup, high medial and lateral flanges, and soft shaffer medial wing this is the last stop before moving your patient into an AFO.



Amputation filler added to our THERAFLEX style orthotic can fill individual digit or the entire transmetarsal area. A carbon shank can be added, at an additional cost, to the plantar surface to provide patients with a more supportive toe-off.        ​



The THERASOFT device is a PDAC approved prescription diabetic orthotic and meets the design and manufacturing requirements associated with the A5514 billing code.​


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shaffer plate

With a sport crepe rearfoot post and Shaffer medial wing milled into the shell the SHAFFER PLATE provides your child, ages 10 and up) with the shock absorption and support they need in their everyday lives.​


Heel Stabilizer

Our HEEL STABILIZER provides your patient with a deep heel cup, high medial and lateral flanges and is the most controlling for your young patients needing control, correction, and support. ​


gait plate

The GAIT PLATE extends the 1st or 5th to guide your In-Toe and Out-Toe patients into the correct direction.​

Sterling Pressed Performance Collection

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The SMARTFIT is an ideal choice for even the slimmest athletic shoe fit (e.g., soccer shoes, ski boots, etc.) and makes an easy transition into casual street shoes (e.g., oxfords, loafers, etc.).    

Elite Athlete

elite athlete

The ELITE ATHLETE’s unique blend of patho-mechanical properties is designed to reduce stress and shock to the feet, joints, muscles, and bones while improving balance and coordination. Elite Athlete reduces the possibility for increased risk of injury, allowing the athlete to push harder, run faster, and maximize their potential.​



The WING TIP is the answer to that slender shoe gear for the man who dresses for success.  Whether it is a traditional dress shoe or a fine Italian loafer, Wing Tip is the perfect fit for low profile shoes.​

new vogue


The VOGUE is a chic woman’s best kept secret! Whether the patient needs support in a dress flat or a high heel shoe up to 1 ½”, the Vogue is the answer.

Basics Collection

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lifestyle dress

lifestyle dress

The LIFESTYLE DRESS is intrinsically posted in the forefoot and the rearfoot to fit easily in sleek and narrow dress shoes.   ​

lifestyle casual

Lifestyle Casual

The LIFESTYLE CASUAL is intrinsically posted in the forefoot and the rearfoot for an easy fit in most shoe styles. ​

lifestyle sport

lifestyle sport

The LIFESTYLE SPORT is intrinsically posted in the forefoot and extrinsically in the rearfoot for shock absorption.​



Full length accommodative device, the SOFTSPORT, comes in 3 different densities (25, 40, and 55 durometer) to accommodate a wide range of patient specifics.​

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